Nicole Galloway meets supporters in Joplin

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“That’s not a Democratic agenda or a Republican agenda. That’s a Missouri agenda. It’s a New Way agenda.”

JOPLIN, Mo. – Today, Joplin citizens braved the cold to meet Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate and current State Auditor, Nicole Galloway. Galloway began touring Missouri two days ago, starting in St. Louis.

Before meeting supporters, candidate for Secretary of State Yinka Faleti and Galloway gave speeches. Galloway outlined the issues she is fighting for and encouraged supporters to vote.

“Your voice absolutely matters. And when I launched this campaign for governor a year ago, I never could have imagined the crisis that we would be facing in 2020. But I knew then that Missouri’s working families needed a change and I am even more certain of it now,” said Galloway. “The most important thing the next governor will have to do is contain the spread of this virus and rebuild Missouri’s economy. The question is: will we rebuild in a way that helps working people get back on their feet?”

Galloway supporter Kayla Evansco said: “I am voting Nicole Galloway for governor because she has a detailed plan to manage Covid-19 in Missouri and to expand access to healthcare. She has been Missouri’s State Auditor for the last 5 years and knows the economic issues we are facing extremely well. She is a working mom that fights for taxpayers in Missouri.”

According to her website, if elected, Galloway plans to: 

  • Expand access to healthcare and lower costs for Missouri families 

-lower the price of prescription drugs

-tackle the rising cost of healthcare

-address the addiction and mental health crises

-expand Medicaid to provide over 200,000 Missourian’s health insurance and provide rural hospitals the help they need to stay open, without raising taxes

Galloway’s website states: “Missouri is one of the worst states in the country for meeting the healthcare needs of its residents, ranking 41st in the nation according to US News and World Report.”

  • Create an action plan to address Covid-19 

-protect public health with a mask mandate 

-expand testing

-safely reopen schools

-provide support for community health centers

-assign a state-level response team to assist counties in deploying CARES Act money

  • Reform Missouri’s criminal justice system 

-ban knee holds, choke holds, and similar acts of applying force or pressure against the trachea, windpipe, carotid artery, or jugular vein by law enforcement

-require body cameras to be used at all times by law enforcement 

-institute a review of all The Peace Officer Standards and Training Program (POST) training materials

-review all licenses of law enforcement basic training centers 

  • Ban discrimination 

-introduce an amendment to the Missouri Constitution to prohibit discrimination based on race, color, sex, age, disability, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, or national origin

-invest in Missouri’s black communities by ensuring that “20% of the Department of Economic Development Small Business Grants, and other entrepreneurial investments go to minority-owned businesses”

  • Refocus priorities on polices that help parents and kids 

-invest in schools and education

-“pay teachers what they deserve”

-expand paid family leave to 12 weeks

  • Improve Missouri’s economy 

-stop wasteful spending and corruption

-make Missouri more attractive to businesses

-“create and expand workforce development opportunities that create pathways out of poverty and teach the skills necessary for family-supporting careers” 

  • Establish a government with integrity and openness 

-require that companies wanting to do business with Missouri have to disclose their political giving and dark money contributions 

-allow taxpayers to know exactly what their tax dollars are being used for

Galloway has “worked hard to uncover over $350 million in wasted tax dollars.” Her “audits have been used to bring charges against corrupt insiders and government officials.”

“As Governor, I will make sure that taxpayers will call the shots – not the lobbyists.” 

  • Build safer communities 

-provide resources for every school in Missouri to have the counseling services they need, while giving teachers training to help “deal with the trauma children face”

-“give our law enforcement personnel the tools they need to go after pill farms, work with the Attorney General to keep the pressure on the drug manufacturers and provide the resources for treatment.” 

-pass commonsense gun safety measures, including universal background checks and permits

Galloway’s website states: “In 2017, the last year there are statistics for, there were 952 overdose deaths­­­ involving opioids. 1,307 Missourians died from gunshot wounds.” 

  • Revitalize rural communities 

-give back control and management of land to communities rather than foreign corporations

Galloway’s website states: “Rural Missouri has seen a loss of nearly 10,000 jobs under Governor Parson’s watch. Farm debt is at a record-high, the debt-to-asset ratio has climbed for six consecutive years, and farm debt as a proportion of annual farm income is at 97 percent.” 

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