Dealing with election related mental health issues

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JOPLIN, Mo. — Election day is less than two weeks away and some people are dealing with mounting anxiety.

Ivy Littles, Ozark Center, said, “Mental health is very intense right now.”

Therapists at the Ozark Center say they have seen hundreds of people coming in for help in the last few months. They’re seeing more people dealing with anxiety this election season.

“Whenever we allow ourselves to get out of our moment and thrust it into the future. Fear is writing the story for us.”

Experts say this election has been stressful because of several problems in the world right now.

Dr. William Delehanty, Assoc. Prof. of Political Science, said, “I think the nature of the current election is one where you have several kinds of problems in the broader environment. So you have the pandemic you have social unrest and its not entirely clear how we should go about solving those problems.”

With the holidays right around the corner he suggests being mindful before discussing politics with family members.

“If you’re going to have discussions with family members even with those that you disagree with try to make the discussions civil or try to find a common ground between yourself and them.”

Littles says if you feel overwhelmed at a party take a few moments to relax.

“Go step into the bathroom take your ten breaths, splash cold water on your face,” said Littles

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