WEBB CITY, Mo. — Several different groups are now under the same roof in one area school district, and the result is a type of educational synergism designed to help improve the lives of students.

Webb City Cares provides food and clothing for students in that district in need of both.

They, and student services had been crammed into a small house across the street from the junior high for several years, but not anymore.

They moved into the 20,000 square foot former American Legion building a few days ago and director Jesse Degonia says there’s no comparison.

“We’re able to have all our stuff under one roof so all of our food program, all of our clothing, all of our school supplies are all under one space, and we’re able to access all that stuff just literally walking from our office to this room, we’re able to get anything we need for a kid where it used be under a couple of different roofs and we’d have to go around to get those things,” said Jesse Degonia, Dir., Webb City Cares/Homeless Coordinator.

“We were being housed in at least five different buildings and so we’d have to have to locate a meeting place every single week which one’s not being used, can we book this, we can’t go there this week, we’re hopping around all of the time, and so now we’re going to be in one central location, we also have a meeting room so that we can do what we call “core teams” which is where we meet with teachers and develop that curriculum,” said Mary Sears, District Instructional Coach.

And there are other programs based under the same roof, with the same goal of helping students by any means possible.

“This building now houses about 5 or 6 different programs, so we’re able to quickly be able to communicate with our Special Ed Department, our Instructional Coaches, our Daycare is even here, right across our hallway is our Daycare so we’re able to help those uh teachers out with needs they may have, our Virtual Learning Director, our Virtual Director his here,” said Degonia.

Even though they have more shelf space than ever before, Degonia says there are still some food products they could use, including peanut butter, ramen noodles, Pop Tarts and popcorn.