WEBB CITY, Mo. — Campus is quiet right now, but when Webb City students head back to class, a few extra eyes may be keeping watch for any risks.

Webb City school leaders are looking at options for upping security. That could include real-world changes as well as a virtual upgrade.

“Some of our buildings don’t have any security cameras at all, especially at some of the younger, the lower levels. So the upper levels, we have cameras that monitor hallways and outside access, those things types of things. All of our buildings are locked all the time,” said Tony Rossetti, WC R-7 Superintendent.

Now, Dr. Rossetti wants to add an extra layer of protection. That could include door sensors and 175 new security cameras.

“This would allow us to know if somebody left a door open or if somebody tried to gain access in late in the evening that shouldn’t be where they should. And it would tell us immediately that we have an open door somewhere,” said Dr. Rossetti.

One factor is new software to manage communications in a crisis.

“Our emergency management communication for a tornado drill, fire drills and for intruder drills,” said Dr. Rossetti.

Put it all together and it’s a districtwide upgrade to help administrators, teachers, and others off-campus.

“I think it does provide another level of security. At least we will know and be able to access from different parts of the district as well as local authorities that we work with have access to our video monitoring system. So, there’s another level of partnership that we’re able to do with our SROs in the police department,” said Dr. Rossetti.

If the changes get the green light, work would likely start by the first day of class and wrap up this fall.