Glendale High School sophomore, Charlie Wistrom gathers in the huddle with her football teammates.

GLENDALE, Mo. — As a freshmen at Glendale High School in Springfield, Charlie Wistrom had an impressive soccer season last year, helping her teammates reach the state championship round.

Now a Sophomore at Glendale, Wistrom was recently presented with the opportunity to take her soccer skills to the football field, as a kicker for the Falcons.

“My dad played football, and so did my uncles so I’ve grown up around it, but I don’t really know the story of how my name got brought up in the football meeting to ask me to be a kicker, but they approached me about playing football, and since I’ve always been around it, it felt like the right decision to say yes,” said Charlie Wistrom.

Last Friday night (9/23), Wistrom helped her team to a 21-6 win at home against Bolivar.

The rookie kicker was able to help her teammates with two onside kicks that were successfully recovered by Glendale.

Wistrom was also able to kick a 23-yard field goal through the uprights in the second quarter.

Although she’s comfortable being on the field, whether that be soccer or football, one thing Wistrom says she’s not use to is all of the attention, following her kicking achievements in the game against Bolivar.

“It’s definitely weird. Just because, like, if it were a male coming into football as a kicker, it would just be a normal thing. I think the fact that I am female makes it, like, a little bit more news worthy. Although I don’t think I’m worthy, but I’m getting a lot of attention from it. All of my teachers have brought up me being a kicker and being on the football team, and I don’t know, It’s just weird,” said Wistrom.

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Glendale High School sophomore, Charlie Wistrom gathers in the huddle with her football teammates.

Tonight (9/30) the Glendale Falcons are on the road, taking on the Lebanon Yellowjackets.

One thing she’s been working on all week in preparation for tonight’s match up, is being able to kick deeper down the field.

“I’ve really been focusing on it all week, but I think my size has a little bit to do with getting the ball deeper. I have to use a lot more power than what I’m use to, and I know it will take some time, but that’s mainly what I’m working on and it has gotten a little better. Right now, I’m really trying to find the right place on the ball to get it down the field,” said Wistrom.

Charlie’s dad, Grant, is also part of the Glendale team, serving as an assistant coach.

The former Webb City football player, turned pro NFL athlete, played for nine seasons with the Saint Louis Rams and the Seattle Seahawks.

Grant Wistrom says he’s not surprised his daughter answered the call to play football.

“I watched Charlie play football as a kid before she really became interested in soccer,” said Wistrom.

For dad, he says it is exciting to be able to watch his daughter work hard and excel at something she’s becoming passionate about.

“I have tons of pride for my daughter. I just really appreciate the courage Charlie has shown, and to stand up in a role that I think a lot of people in her position wouldn’t choose to do. Just to go out there and especially last week, not just to be on the team, but to be a big part of why we won the game is so exciting to see as her dad and a coach. Last Friday was one of those nights where the memory of that will be with me for a lifetime. Kids grow up so quickly and you don’t get to have a lot of those memories where you’re able to cherish it in the moment, but that’s a memory I will definitely take to my grave,” said Grant Wistrom.

Although Charlie says the opportunity to be a kicker just fell in her lap, her dad believes it’s all part of a larger plan.

“You know, I don’t believe in accidents. I mean, everything happens for a reason. And in the case of Charlie and football, things just things lined up. In a meeting they asked, ‘do you think Charlie would like to be a kicker in football,’ and I said, ‘I don’t know, but I bet she would like to come out here and give it a shot.’ And she came out and showed up, and showed up well, then showed up the next day to practice and kicked even better. And when they saw that, that was all they needed to see,” said Grant Wistrom.