WEBB CITY, Mo. — Officials in Webb City confirmed that the undetonated mortar found Wednesday does not pose a risk.

Members of the Springfield Bomb Squad arrived around 3:00 PM to assist. After partitioning off the area, officials x-rayed the device for any potential threat but determined that it was safe.

Police added that anytime a person finds a questionable device such as the one found here they evacuate the area and call 911.

Bomb squad called to Webb City

WEBB CITY, Mo. — An old mortar shell was found in Webb City around noon Wednesday, which required officials to call in the bomb squad from Springfield.

The mortar was found in the Webb City Historical Society’s club house while it was getting cleaned for an event for the group Charlie 22 Outdoors.

It was described as old, rusted, and was oval shaped with fins.

Police called in the bomb squad from Springfield to checkout the device.