The warming trend will continue as we get into this weekend. We will at least have mild nighttime temperatures. The afternoons will be breezy through Saturday. Even warmer weather comes in next week. We could find ourselves back in the mid-90s. This dry air allows for the big temperature swings from morning to afternoon.

We have a south wind due to high pressure moving to the east of us. There are some clouds developing to the west but we have very little in the way of any rain chance. Futurecast shows that we are dry through tomorrow. A few thunderstorms will develop in western parts of Kansas but that will stay well to the east of us. Otherwise look for a mostly sunny sky. Tomorrow’s high around 87, we will see a south wind gusting to 20 miles an hour. As far as any allergies, tree pollen is the only thing that is still low tomorrow. Also the UV index is starting to drop now as we get closer to fall.

We will see a few clouds increasing by late Friday but a south wind will keep the warmer temperatures in place. In fact we make it back into the low 90s by Saturday. Also on Sunday. Into next week we warm into the mid to upper 90s.