Tropical System Imelda – Impacts!

Local Weather

It’s not very often that we in the midwest get some good impact from a Tropical system. Occasionally, we will have a Pacific based tropical system get pulled into the Jet stream and enhance the moisture content. This weekend, we will have Imelda, off the coast of Texas, move northward and become the kick off of the cool down for the weekend.

The Low Pressure just north of Houston is Imelda. The further north this treks, the weaker it becomes. While the strength will be diminishing, we should still get a good round of rainfall by the end of Friday. So far, forecast models are averaging just under half an inch of rainfall over the four states by the end of Friday.

Right behind Imelda is a cold front that will continue to bring lift to our atmosphere. This will continue the rainfall through the weekend. At the end of Sunday, we should have high temperatures in the low 80s waiting for us.

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