Tuesday will begin with some sunshine and humidity, and temperatures should still warm well into the 90s this afternoon, with a heat index possibly in the triple digits again. The Four States should remain dry through the morning, with rain chances increasing into the afternoon. Scattered storms are possible then & into the evening, and there is a marginal risk for some of these storms to carry severe winds and small hail.

We should be mostly dry going into tonight, but rain chances will be at their highest early tomorrow morning. It is very possible that a lot of us could wake up to thunder early Wednesday, but severe weather does not look to be a threat by then. Heavy rain and localized flooding could be an issue for our most north & eastern areas, like Nevada & Stockton. Most of the Four States will see well below an inch of rain, but northeastern areas could potentially see over 3″ through tomorrow.

Temperatures will drop into the 60s overnight before only warming into the upper 70s tomorrow. We’ll be dry by tomorrow afternoon and through Saturday morning. Temperatures will be in the 80s through the rest of the week and into the weekend before we’ll be tracking another rain system. Showers and storms will start up again late Saturday and stick with us on & off through Sunday and Monday.