We will see some chances for rain, snow, and sleet this morning especially in the more north and western portions of the Four States. We will see a better chance for snow by mid this week and some intense cold from the same system. This will also generate some intense wind chills in the -20 to -30 range.

Temperatures this morning were in the mid to upper 30s and low 40s with a southeast wind. Dewpoints are dry in the low, mid, and upper 20s. The combination of the warmer temperatures and dry dewpoints poses a threat to the snow chances as anything that falls will evaporate into the dry layer. This will act to cool the layer and saturate it but that will take time and the evaporation will keep the precipitation from reaching the ground.

We can see the swath of rain and snow push across Southeast Kansas into Central Missouri. We will continue to see chances for rain and snow this morning before a cold front moves through early tomorrow morning and drops temperatures for tomorrow. We should remain dry for our Wednesday but we will see our next low begin to move in from Canada. This low will likely undergo lee cyclogenesis late Wednesday just off to the west and will begin to push into the area on Thursday where we could see some snow chances. Besides the snow we will be getting very cold after this system pushes through with wind chills possible in the -20 to -30 range.

Today we will see a high of 45 with rain and snow possible early today with cool and breezy conditions. Tonight we will see a low around 32 with a cold night ahead and some cloudy skies. We will see another chance for snow on Thursday before we see intense cold by late week with dangerous wind chills possible.