We are looking at a sharp drop in temperatures by tomorrow. We will see that cool down lasting into the weekend. Upper 30s are possible Friday night. We will see the chance for rain starting to pick up by the middle of next week.

We’ve already seen one cool front move through but a second one is really going to reinforce the cooler weather. This is where temperatures have dropped into the 60s in Hastings. Future cast shows a few clouds late tonight and into tomorrow. Our forecast is dry though through tomorrow. Look for a high temperature of 67 with a northeast wind that could gust to 20 miles an hour. We will only be in the low 60s for Nevada and Chanute.

That cooler weather will stay with us into Saturday along with a few clouds. Eventually high pressure will start to give us a south wind by Saturday night which will warm things up a little bit for Sunday. We could even be near 80 a couple of days next week. Look for the chance for rain on Wednesday.