In-Depth Weather: 10/1/19

Local Weather

Jopiln, Mo. – The U.S. is experiencing cold winter air and summer heat at the same time.

A ridge of high pressure is keeping the southeastern half of the country in temperatures nearly 20 degrees warmer than average for this time of year. The ridge is also causing multiple days of sunny weather and is allowing very little, to nearly no showers to form for much of the region.

Meanwhile in the Northern Rockies and Pacific Northwest high temperatures are expected to be nearly 20 degrees colder than average in some spots. An upper level low has brought two feet of snow to parts of Montana only a few days ago and is still keeping the region in a chilly weather pattern.

The cold front that separates the two air masses is slowly marching eastward Those states in between the two weather extremes are expected to see large amounts of rainfall over the next few days and even some spots of flooding.

As for the Four State area we will continue with warm and sunny weather until Wednesday evening when a cold front pushes closer prompting showers and storms to form, but also usher in much cooler temperatures that will last through the weekend.

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