Hurricane Dorian Update 9/4/19

Local Weather

Miami, Fl.-Hurricane Dorian is moving north/northwest at about 9 MPH. It’s on track to continue moving along the Southeast coast. This includes northeastern Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas. The most intense winds will be found near center of the storm which is expected to stay just off the coast. Flooding, storm surge, heavy rain, and even rotating super cell thunderstorms that could produce tornadoes and waterspouts are possible impacts from this Category 2 Hurricane.

The storm will start to move toward the northeast by Thursday. This is due to colder air from the middle latitudes pushing the storm away from the U.S.

Eventually the storm will begin the transition of going from a tropical storm to an extratropical cyclone with hurricane force winds as it continues to move out toward Newfoundland. During this process the storm will continue to weaken.

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