We have seen quite the cool down as we head into fall. It is almost 40 degrees cooler than yesterday. Fall officially begins at 8:04 PM. We will see a brief warm-up on Saturday but it’s going to be mild through most of next week.

The showers that we had earlier have been to move to the east. It didn’t bring much rain to speak of though. Tomorrow we will see a Southeast wind beginning in the morning with clouds breaking up in the afternoon. This will allow for a little bit of a warm up. Tomorrow’s high temperature around 84 with a light South wind. Will be mostly sunny. If you suffer from allergies Ragweed will be high tomorrow with grass and tree pollen starting to climb again, as well.

By Saturday we have a bit of a south breeze which will warm us up early in the day. But we will see another shot of cooler weather coming in by late afternoon into the evening. This will not temperatures down again for Sunday. Look for a high of 83 Sunday. Into next week we will see highs near 80 with lows in the 50s each night.