Fall begins Thursday but Summer isn’t letting go just yet. We will see that continuing tomorrow and Wednesday. By Thursday we do see some relief coming in though. And looks like we could see some rain late in the weekend.

The cooler weather is all the way to the north of us across the dakota’s. The forecast is also dry across the middle part of the country. If a very large area of high pressure that’s keeping all the active weather just off to the north of us. Storms are also on the east coast and the West Coast. We will see a breezy South wind though as another system tries to come together across the plains. Futurecast has just a few clouds in here for tomorrow afternoon. Otherwise look for a high of 97 tomorrow. We could see a heat index around 100. Winds will be gusting to about 20 mph. If you suffer from allergies we are looking at grass and ragweed still being the dominant pollen.

By Wednesday we see a few more clouds increasing light in the day. Rain stays to the north of us but we will begin to see a few isolated showers north of nevada. This is where the cooler weather will stall out just to the north of us on wednesday. We see that relief though on Thursday with highs only in the 70s. It was also the first day of Fall. We warm up a little bit for the weekend but nothing too bad. The next chance for rain is coming up on Sunday.