We will see a warm and windy Tuesday today as a dry cold front approaches from the west. Thanks to this same front we will see a colder night and Wednesday ahead of us. We will see gradual warming this week before rain chances enter our forecast this weekend.

Temperatures this morning were very mild in the 50s across the Four States and winds this morning were very gusty with actual wind speeds in excess of 20 miles per hour in several locations. Maximum gusts saw some locations reach over 40 mile per hour wind gusts this morning. As kids head off to school it will be warmer but the winds will be very gusty across the area so be sure to mind the wind as you send the kids off to school.

Our strong winds have generated a response from the national weather service with a wind advisory over several counties in the Four States until later today with Northeast Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas expiring at noon and Southwest Missouri and Southeast Kansas expiring at 1 p.m. Our windy conditions are being driven by the strong pressure gradient forced by the proximity of the low pressure to our northwest which generates strong surface winds ahead of the feature.

Through today we will see the cold front move into our area and we should remain dry as it passes over. To our southeast in Mississippi they expect a severe weather outbreak with strong tornadoes possible from this system. We expect only continued gusty winds especially out ahead of the system and once it passes a cool northwest wind and high pressure will take its place.

There is a severe threat with this front but not here in the Four States. Off to our southeast they are preparing for a significant severe weather event with long track tornadoes possible across portions of Louisiana and Mississippi so if you have family or friends down there you may want to let them know to be weather aware.

Today expect a high of 67 with warm and windy conditions as well as an active wind advisory. Tonight we will be cooling off to around 24 with clouds decreasing and continued windy conditions. We will be cooler for tomorrow but warm up to Friday before rain chances this weekend.