We have a few isolated showers that could be developing later this evening. Most of the forecast though is looking dry until we get into Saturday night. Then next week much colder air arrives. Not only is frost likely but possibly a hard freeze.

There is a boundary making its way out of the Northern Plains tonight. This will really start to have an effect on temperatures Sunday. There are some very light showers trying to develop in parts of Missouri and Kansas. Futurecast shows a few of those popping up here after 10:00 PM. They will be very spotty though with this round. Then we will see a light East wind tomorrow afternoon. This will have an effect on temperatures especially by the second part of the weekend. Look for a high of 78 tomorrow. We will have a light east wind at 5 miles an hour. Then we will begin to see showers developing on the back side of that front for Saturday night. Mainly south of i-44.

We will see a northwind and cooler temperatures coming in for Sunday. We will have a high of only around 70 by then. Then we drop into the 30s and even 20s for a few nights next week. We might even have a day with highs only around 50 on Tuesday.