Today will be another cloudy day with high level moisture flowing across middle America from the eastern Pacific Ocean, in the fast jet stream flow aloft. In the lower levels of the atmosphere, a warm and moist southerly flow off the western Gulf of Mexico continues to rise over relatively cooler air over the Four States region, which is resulting in a persistent lower cloud layer. This configuration will continue right through mid week when an amplified upper level trough and associated surface low pressure system provide a strong lifting mechanism in this moist environment. The result will be an increasing chance of rain during the day Wednesday through Thursday morning. The event is still a few days away, so forecast timing and position of deepest moisture and lifting mechanisms may change to some degree, but it appears that with the extended period of light to moderate rain; the Four States could pick up around an inch of rain. The storm system will be exiting the region later Thursday afternoon, as a drier northwest flow develops in its wake. Enough dry air will build south and east across the viewing area, that we may actually get to see the sun again on Friday. The break in the cloudy pattern will be brief as yet another relatively strong, frontal system will be moving back into the area over the weekend; bringing more clouds and another chance for beneficial rainfall. Extended periods of cloudy and wet weather that occur during late Fall do have their benefits – warm temperatures. Highs will be a few degrees above normal this week, and lows will be about ten degrees above typical minimums, which are usually down around the freezing mark in early December.