It won’t be quite as cold tonight but we are still going to fall into the 30s again. Look for temperatures to really start to rebound though as we get closer to the weekend. We will see highs in the 80s Friday through Sunday. We will likely see rain early next week.

The main player bringing in the cold air has been this huge low in the northeast. This allowed all that Canadian Air to dive southward. That is now retreating to the east taking the cold air along with it. In addition to that the opposite feature, high pressure, has developed across the Western U-S. This will keep us dry and warm headed into the weekend. A front tries to push in as we head into tomorrow however, high pressure will also give us that south wind at the surface. As a result we will see warmer temperatures with a few wind gusts around 20 to maybe 25 miles an hour. Look for a high of 71 with a south wind at 5 to 15 miles an hour. That will likely turn around to the west late in the day.

Through Friday look for that south wind to continue. We will still be in the low 80s on Saturday as well as Sunday. We may see a few clouds Sunday afternoon before the chance for rain picks up early next week. Temperature still remain above freezing through the next week.