JOPLIN, Mo. — If you don’t take in enough water and don’t limit your time outside in this oppressive heat, just about anyone can get overheated.

Dr. Gregory Wallis with Freeman Health System says two age groups are more likely to develop those conditions, and it has to do with an inability to recognize the need to drink more fluids.

One of which is the young.

“You get busy playing and you don’t think about that sort of thing, and so we need to make sure ‘hey, come over and get some water, let’s take a break for a minute, come sit down in the shade,’ things like that to help keep them cool and make sure they’re hydrating well,” said Dr. Wallis.

On the other end of the age spectrum are seniors who may think they’re drinking enough when they’re really not.

“So as we get older, our brains don’t tell us to drink as often as we actually need, so they’re more prone to getting dehydrated because they don’t think they’re thirsty, they’re just not getting that brian stimulus to tell them to drink,” said Dr. Wallis.

Jim Beeler is a member of that age group and has a lot of experience with working in the heat. He did that for many years with the city as head of Joplin Streets and Sanitation and says common sense has always been his guide.

“If you’re doing gardening work or yard work, you know, try to stay in the cooler part of the day. A lot of times people get up early every morning and try and do their work or later in the evening when the sun’s beginning to set and the temperatures begin to dissipate, so that’s the best time to do it,” said Beeler.