MIAMI, Okla. — A new program in Oklahoma plans to help people of all ages develop a number of skills.

The Oklahoma Department of Libraries purchased the Brainfuse Program for every library in the state including the Miami Public Library.

The program involves other programs designed to help Veterans find access to benefits, job seekers find work, and students find tutoring assistance, and it’s all done online.

“It’s been slowly building. A lot of schools were virtual then they weren’t virtual. They’re some people who still don’t feel comfortable getting close contact, so this gives people the ability to still tutor without having to get face to face, or if maybe they don’t have a vehicle, they have internet at home they can access it,” said Callie Cortner, Director of Library Arts & Culture.

All people need in order to access Brainfuse is to be in the vicinity of an Oklahoma library or have a library card number with your local library.