Steve Urie, Joplin City Council Candidate 2020

“My middle name has always been service.”

In this opening statement from a public forum held in February, Zone III candidate Steve Urie expresses a value near and dear to his heart: servant leadership.

A retired RN and pastor, Urie describes his platform with the same words he uses to describe himself: analytical, dedicated and trustworthy.

Urie is a devout member the ADA Accessibility Committee along with having past experience with Joplin Lions Club. He also considers himself an avid listener.

For more information on Urie’s campaign, visit his Facebook page: Steve Urie 4 Joplin City Council —Zone 3 2020.

Two candidates are going head-to-head in the Zone III seat race — Steve Urie and incumbent Phillip Stinnett.

There are four other open seats on the Joplin City Council with a total of 11 candidates running.

Election Day is April 7, 2020.