Small businesses helping to shape the Midwest workforce


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Earlier this week the House Committee on Small Business met with representatives from the state to discuss the growing small business in the Midwest.

CWC Electric is a small, 8-employee, family-run business. They do repairs for homes and businesses in Kansas and are one of the thousands of growing small businesses in the state.

“It’s so exciting to have a child and watch them grow, well a business is kind of like that,” explained Chuck Hogan, Owner of CWC Electric.

Chuck said he believes small businesses like his do so well because they maintain customers for years and get to know them personally.

“We know people by name. We have relationships with them. We know when their pets die, when they get sick, and so you get that real personal touch and personal relationships with your customers,” said Chuck.

When asked what small businesses are in need of most right now, Chuck didn’t hesitate with his answer. He said Kansas is in need of young, skilled workers.

“We’re at the point now where the average age of an electrician in the United States is 48 years old,” explains Chuck. “We need young people to be coming up behind us to kind of take over.”

He added that many trades businesses will pay for people to complete an apprenticeship and the career path itself if well-paying.

“This is not a job that…it can’t be exported to another country…a machine can’t do it. So, it’s a very secure and very highly needed trade right now,” said Chuck.

Alan Cobb of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce said a skilled workforce will come from more training and education.

“It’s kind of upon the educational institutions to listen to what the businesses are needing and I do think there’s a willingness to do that and I think it’s beginning to change in a positive way,” said Cobb.

For more information on CWC Electric, click here.

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