Schifferdecker Golf Course has activities planned for the summer (051518)


Schifferdecker Golf Course

7th & Schifferdecker

Joplin MO 64802

JOPLIN, MO.— The Schifferdecker Golf Course has been played on for nearly 100 years. The historical course has attracted many golfers who like the laid back atmosphere of the public course. Joe Gardener has been playing at the course for four years and enjoys coming with his friends twice a week. 

“I think that the last few years, this course has gotten more play because it is in better shape than it’s ever been and the cost is just superb as compared to some of the other courses around here,” said Joe Gardener, Schifferdecker golfer.

The one thing about the Schifferdecker course, is it has some of the cheapest rates in the area. However, due to recent budget cuts being made throughout the City of Joplin, officials with the city and the Parks and Recreation Department are deciding how those cuts will affect the golf course.

“Right now, ya know, we’re trying to find ways to reduce cost without creating any sort of impact to golfers. So that’s the challenge that we’re having right now,” said Scott Garrie, Joplin Parks and Rec. Assistant Director.

Although nothing has been officially decided, city officials are contemplating leasing the golf course equipment. Which means golf carts, and maintenance machinery will be rented instead of having to buy brand new equipment. Officials say it is becoming expensive to take care of the older equipment they currently have, and by leasing, they will be able to take care of the course maintenance more efficiently while golfers continue to play at a lower rate. 

“Leasing would allow us to budget our costs overtime that match the revenues that we bring in,” said Garrie. 

Many golfers, like Joe, say they enjoy playing at Schifferdecker because they can get through the course in less time at a cheaper rate. So with the option of the city not increasing the rates, and leasing equipment instead, it will continue to satisfy the golfers.

“It takes more work to take care of this course and there’s a lot of  people that play it, and that takes more work also,” said Gardener. 

Parks and Recreation Department leaders say they want to explore membership increase, and hire a golf pro to teach lessons.

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