Police: Texas teen killed by bully he had stopped earlier


ARLINGTON, Texas (KXAN/AP) — Police in Arlington, Texas, say a 16-year-old boy was fatally shot by another teen who the victim had stopped from bullying a few days earlier.

Police say Samuel Reynolds died Thursday after being shot by the teen described as between “13 and 15-years old” and who lived at the same apartment complex as Reynolds.

Police spokesman Christopher Cook said Reynolds had reported “having some trouble with the suspect” in the days after he stopped him from bullying a smaller boy.

Cook told KXAS-TV in Dallas that Reynolds’ family told investigators he broke up a fight between the suspect and a “smaller boy” who was being picked on days prior to the shooting.

The suspect initially denied involvement in Reynold’s death, but police say video cameras around the complex show the entire incident, according to KXAS.

Seconds before he shot, Reynolds was seen walking between two buildings.

“He [suspect] pulls out a handgun from the rear part of his pants he was wearing, points it at the victim and fires one round,” Lt. Cook told KXAS-TV on Friday. “We did recover one spent shell casing. It’s a .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun.”

The suspect’s name was not released. 

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