The 2022 MIAA Football Media Day is a good day to find out where some teams stand and what they’ve improved on during the off-season and we got the opportunity to talk to some of our local teams about this upcoming year. One of those teams is the Missouri Southern State Lions.

After finishing 3-8 last season Coach Atiba Bradley talked about where’s he’s seen his guys improve and the fact they’ve been able to have a full off-season weight lifting program with these guys and how they’ve been able to get stronger ahead of this season.

MSSU Head Coach Atiba Bradley said, “I think the biggest change has been in the weight room. I came in in February and immediately we had a couple ice storms and just a couple unforeseen things that we weren’t able to train like we normally would in an offseason. Then we hit the spring and we had to have a game in the second or third week of the spring, so as we came around this second year we were able to have a more traditional offseason. We were able to have a full spring of lifting and spring ball. We were able to have a full eight weeks summer program and that’s really as you’re building a program and building up these young guys the key to success in my opinion is getting stronger and more physical.”

A team that had quite a bit of success last season were the Pitt State Gorillas who finished the year 8-3. But the goals are set much higher for them coming into this season.

Head Coach Brian Wright mentioned the word “Preparation” when asked how he would describe this year’s team and just where he’s seen his guys show that mindset this off-season.

Pitt State Head Coach Brian Wright said, “Well, we talked about taking our offseason workouts in the weight room to another level and then I watched our guys do that in the winter and the spring, then we talked about taking our spring practice and our preparation in the spring and how we handle meetings and how we handle the tempo of practice and how we compete against each other and I watched those guys take that to another level.”

With media day officially over, that only means we’re closing in on the 2022 season and both of these schools are ready for whatever this year brings.