Missouri Master Naturalists and conservationists observe the national bird


STELLA, Mo. — Southwest Missouri Master Naturalists and conservationists head to Stella to witness the national bird.

The Missouri Department of Conservation and Chert Glades Master Naturalists held the 12th annual Eagle Days on Saturday.

Visitors used scopes to identify bald eagles, tested their wingspan, and built nests.

Since bald eagles didn’t exist in Missouri in 1900, naturalists want visitors to see the several hundred that now nest in southwest Missouri.

Val Frankoski, Chert Glades Chapter Master Naturalist, says, “It’s our national symbol. It’s a symbol of strength and courage. It’s spiritual, and it’s great. You should see an eagle once, and you should be able to see the yellow in their eyes, and you can do that at Stella.”

At the conclusion of Saturday’s event, several thousand people will have traveled through southwest Missouri to see the eagles.

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