Miners Hall Museum showcases music of southeast Kansas


FRANKLIN, Kan. — Accordion and polka music have strong ties to southeast Kansas.

European immigrant coal miners brought the music to the area and the authentic music could be heard in southeast Kansas at local taverns and weddings.

So, local musicians paid tribute to the genre at Miners Hall Museum in Franklin.

The event also recognized teachers to have helped keep the music alive all these generations.

Sunday’s program was the first of three.

JT Knoll, Coordinator of the Miner’s Hall Museum, says, “It’s our history. It’s the stories that make us who we are. If you don’t know where you came from and the kinds of things that the families did who brought you here, then you lose a connection with your ancestry.”

Next month, the Miner’s Hall Museum will hold a special program featuring the big bands of southeast Kansas.

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