McDonald County taking strides to ensure student safety


MCDONALD COUNTY, Mo. — The McDonald County School District is working strategically to keep its students and staff safe in an emergency.

Last year the district placed locks on the entrance of the buildings.

Visitors must press a button to be given permission to enter.

And, now, the school district is launching an app to make it easier for people to communicate if a safety issue arises.

Adam Lett, MCD County Student Services Director, said, “Our motto is ‘Every child, everyday whatever it takes.'”

McDonald County Schools staff and faculty are in-training to use an application called Crisis-Go.

Employees are able to communicate with each other and law enforcement if an issue happens.

“If a teacher spots something suspicious they can go ahead and notify the managers or if its something that is like critical they can go ahead and notify all the stake holders and it will lock down the school.”

Every school in the district has safe entrances.

Guests must be buzzed into the building and go straight to the school’s office to check-in.

If an employee feels uncomfortable during those steps, they can press an emergency button.

Greg Lach, MCD County School Services Director, said, “If a building pushes an alarm it immediately sounds out a tone on my phone so ill know immediately where that is, who pushed the button, what the panic is.”

By downloading the app, people have access to safety information as well as guidance in emergency and crisis situations.

The goal is to teach others what to do and who to seek assistance if the worst were to happen.

“We want to provide a safe environment for our students and I think this app has really helped us to make teachers and building administrative and students feel more secure.”

More than 500 people from different entities in McDonald County are in-training to use the Crisis-Go app.

Students will be allowed to anonymously report any signs of bullying, as well as submit safety tips.

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