I think everyone can agree that chicken nuggets are pretty good. And one local little leaguer will not get to enjoy chicken nuggets for free for a year.

If you’ve ever wondered what goes through the mind of 11 and 12 year old boys, it’s probably what would their dream job be growing up. And Friday night here at Wendy’s, that dream came true for Little League Baseballer Brody Jackson.

He received a certificate and gift cards to receive free chicken nuggets for a whole year after a pic went viral of him during the Little League World Series Regional Tournament that his dream job is to be a chicken nugget taste tester.

Brody Jackson said, “It feels good. Knowing that we can just come here and get some chicken nuggets once a week for a year.”

Even Brody’s parents were a little surprised when this whole ordeal started to go viral and his answer took off.

Ashlee Jackson said, “The whole thing is kind of funny because he’s just a kind of a funny kid. And you know, just a little simple answer to a question went so crazy, but you know, it’s a nice honor. And I think it’s really fun that they’re recognizing that you know, 11 and 12 year old’s play baseball and have fun”.

Now some kids do ketchup or different barbecue sauces with their chicken nuggets. But, Brody on the other hand, dips his in the frosties.

Brody said, “The frosty is colder than the sauce and it adds more flavor”.

Well Brody Jackson accomplished his dream job of becoming a chicken nugget taste tester and honestly, I may hit up Brody from time to time to see if he cane hook it up with some free chicken nuggets since he gets them free for a whole year.