Kansas Democratic caucuses work to represent all


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The Kansas Democratic Party is holding its annual Washington Days convention this weekend. During the three day event, more than 15 different caucuses are gathering. A caucus is a meeting of members of a certain group or similar lifestyle.

Some of the groups at the convention include the Native American, Pacific-Islander, LGBTQ, Food and Farm, and Disability caucuses, among others. The Kansas Democratic Party says it was important that all groups be represented at the convention.

“We certainly want all democrats to find their space in the party, it’s a very big tent and we want to make sure that people fit in and can work with everyone here,” explained Ben Meers, Executive Director of the Kansas Democratic Party.

Many people participating in the weekend of events belong to multiple caucuses. Sage TeBeest is a member of five, including the Disability, Native American and Food and Farm caucuses. Sage says these groups help people find representation that they can identify with.

“Democracy works best when you can see representation and the caucuses allow us to show that, that we do have representation in both men, women, young, old,” said Sage.

The caucuses meet to discuss future plans and goals at the local, state and federal levels. Sherri Grogan works on both the Second Congressional District caucus and the County Chair caucus. She says the groups are working to get people involved and informed ahead of the upcoming elections.

“The more fired up people are the more likely they are to volunteer and want to help either the county party or individual candidates,” said Sherri.

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