Game Time: Webb City vs. Platte County


The Class 4 Show-Me Bowl kicks off at 7 pm Friday night


Class 4 Show-Me BowlFINAL
Webb City48
Platte County0

Coach John Roderique and the Cards have spent this season pushing for what could be the program’s 15th state title. In an interview earlier this week, senior quarterback Kade Hicks told us that this time around, the game is about so much more than football.

“It’s extremely important because they laid a foundation for us and we just kind of kept it going,” Hicks explained. ”And to be able to fall in their footsteps and show them that we’re like them—it’s a great feeling and expectation to live up to.”

The Cards are going into the game with a 13-1 record after a 35-0 shut out in last week’s semifinal game against Ladue.

Touchdown Cardinals!

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