Bearskin Health & Wellness Center is a community fitness center and health care clinic dedicated to the well-being and physical fitness of our neighbors in the greater Wyandotte, Oklahoma area! Providing you with all your health and healthcare needs, Bearskin Fitness Center is actively committed to building a healthier, stronger community. 

SAMHSA Program Focus and Tribal Opioid Response

Based upon local data, there is a need towards increasing access to treatment for opioid use disorder. The need for our proposed Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) project stems from evidence related to substance misuse rates at large.

Wyandotte Nation proposes a prevention project through the SAMHSA Program titled
Tribal Opioid Response. Our scope of work focuses not only on increasing access to treatment, but a reduction in unmet treatment needs and opioid overdose related deaths.

Project Goal #1: Increase access to culturally appropriate and evidence-based treatment
for opioid use disorder.

Project Goal #2: Reduce unmet treatment needs and opioid overdose related deaths by
10% through the provision of prevention, treatment, and recovery support services.

Objective #1: By the 24th month of the project period, Wyandotte Nation will have
developed and implemented one (1) comprehensive Tribal Opioid Response Program to address
the opioid crisis in our tribal community


The most common beneficiaries of this project will be Native youth utilizing one or more
of the key activities, such as the Afterschool Program and Summer Program. Activities will include tutoring, gardening, recreational sports, family circle events, which will incorporate native specific cultural activities, and tribal leaders sharing stories with Native youth. A Project Assistant will pick up youth after school and during the summer in order to participate in the program. Participants will also have the opportunity to attend canoe trips on Elk and Spring River.


At the Bearskin Health Clinic, our family practitioners can effectively diagnose and treat patients of all ages with a vast array of conditions. With a family medical doctor, you can gain greater continuity of care because the same person is treating each member of your family.

Bearskin Health Clinic is open to the public and accepts most insurances, Medicare and Medicaid providers, and is always accepting new patients of all ages. The clinic offers X-ray referrals to our tribal patients whose health situation requires the services of an X-ray technician. The clinic’s referred pharmacies are also prompt, convenient, and ready to serve all our patients with prescription-filling needs.

Incentive Programs

Walking Club – Members, track your mileage on the treadmill, track, elliptical, arc trainers, or Nu-Step and log it at the front counter on a daily basis. Bearskin Fitness employees will log this information into a database that tracks your total mileage until incentive intervals are reach for a variety of prizes!

Burn It and Earn It – Participate in an official weigh-in when you sign up for a membership, and a Bearskin Fitness Staff Member will log your weight with the weigh-in date. For every interval that weight is lost, a prize is earned!

Raw Bench Club – Log your weight-lift starting point with a staff member, and then work to increase your amount lifted to earn prizes for different lift amounts!

Child Care

For your convenience and peace of mind, we have a dedicated child care specialist on-site and a child care center that allows you to exercise with focus and rest assured that your children are protected and cared for with plenty to occupy their time.

Our child care services are free to our members. Please call (918) 678-2282 for more information regarding our on-site child care services.

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