JOPLIN, Mo. — “Chiefs Kingdom” is celebrating a “W.”

But we caught up with some local Eagles fans shortly before the Big Game this year to better understand an away team’s spirit in another land:

Brandon Martin sports an Eagles jersey in his classroom

“I don’t even own any Chiefs. Anything,” said Brandon Martin.

Instead wearing a Philadelphia Eagles jersey in an area that’s anything but friendly to the team, Brandon Martin admits he’s not exactly a Philly fan — but cheers for anybody playing against Kansas City.

“I just was disappointed by the Chiefs growing up in the 90s and stuff and so I just chose not to become a fan when everybody else was,” said Martin.

That’s not the case for Chris Johnson of Carl Junction, who always roots for the Eagles.

Chris Johnson with his two children

“I would say a over the top religious experience every Sunday,” said Johnson.

He’s fighting against a sea of red this week — proud to proclaim his love of Philly and his favorite athletes.

“Go Birds,” Johnson added.

It’s in his blood — inherited from his father who grew up in Philadelphia — he’s also passing it on to his kids. Johnson knows his trivia, like the last championship win.

“February 4, ’18. That’s the only Super Bowl but that was the fourth championship that Eagles have ever had.”

Here, he’s surrounded by Chiefs fans, and you might think his passion would lead to some issues this week.

But Johnson said the biggest debate has been the pros and cons of tailgate barbeque versus Philly cheesesteaks.

“All the Chiefs fans have been super classy. Everybody’s been a lot of fun. The only people that have really been on my case have been Cowboys fans. To be honest, I think there’s a serious jealousy. But the Chiefs fans have been great. Our love for Andy Reid, the Kelce brothers, there’s a lot it seems like this is the biggest love fest that I’ve ever seen around the Super Bowl.”

He’s planning to watch it at home — with a bipartisan group of fans.

“I think it’s gonna be a close one. But I think that because the Eagles have a better offensive and defensive line. I think they’re gonna edge off the Chiefs, picking like like a 31-24 kind of game,” said Johnson.