Today, there would be news out of Webb City that would capture the attention of many people across the Four States and beyond. After 26 years as head coach of the Webb City Cardinals, John Roderique is retiring from the position.

Coach Roderique has been a staple in Missouri high school football winning 13 state championships with the Cardinals. That would give the school the record of the most Missouri state championships won with a total of 16. These titles included a five year streak of state championships from 2010 to 2014.

The most recent state title came in 2021 when Webb City defeated Holt 26-21 giving them an 11-3 record on the season. Roderique was also inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame in the same year.

He leaves the school with an impressive 315-35 record.

There’s no question he would leave a lasting impact on the kids he coached. Two seniors would respond to the news.

Braedan Christian said, “When you talk Webb City, you think of one man and that is John Roderique. You know, 13 state championships for him and to help us to get to 16, it’s just insane what he’s done for this program and you know a guy that puts that much time and effort into one school is just so rare to see now with everything that’s going on, but just so thankful for him and just how he has gathered us as a program.”

Trey Roets said, “It’s hard to describe how much he means, not just to players and this staff, but the parents. I mean growing up when I was 3rd grade in the program, I mean John Roderique, you hear that name and you’re like, ‘where, where’s he at, like can I say hi to him, can I meet him?’ It’s like that feeling of just knowing that he’s been there since I’ve been little. Like he’s made this program what it is now, and I get to be a apart of it? Man, it’s special, it really is.”