PITTSBURG, Ks– We enter the final week of the regular season and the St. Mary’s Colgan Panthers head into Week 8 with a 7-0 record.

They have cruised their way through CNC League.

Offensively, they are averaging 51 points a game and have a boatload of talent. Their offensive line up front has a ton of experience that has been crucial paving the way for these talented guys in the backfield and on the edge.

Defensively, Colgan is only allowing 8 points a game and have had three shutouts so far this season.

They are prepping for their final regular season game against Uniontown on Friday night.

We caught up with the team to talk to them about how important it is for them to go out on Friday night and take care of business and head into the playoffs on a high note.

Senior Quarterback Tucker Harrell said, “It’s super important. We’ve played seven weeks so far and it can kind of get lackadaisical at this point in the season, but it’s important to stay the course and keep getting after it every day in practice and just making the best of it with what we’ve got left”.

Senior Running Back Cooper Simmons said, “I just think the momentum we have, we’ve been building up all year. We’ve had a lot of great wins against like Frontenac and Girard and Riverton and all the teams we’ve played. But I think just we can keep building on the momentum, but also just have the mentality of we want to get better each and every week, have the confidence that we’re going to perform every week”.

Head Coach Shawn Seematter said, “Well, at this point in the year, you just want to keep moving forward, feel like we’ve done a lot of good things but want to continue to build on it. We don’t want to get complacent or content with where we’re at or what we’ve accomplished because, the sky’s the limit and there’s still a lot out there that we want to accomplish and can’t take any steps backward at this point in the year. And so hope to end up where you want to at the end of the year. So and again, our kids have done a really, really good job of buying into that. And, each week finding ways to come out and get better and keep improving”.