TULSA, Okla. — 15 months after suffering devastating injuries to his legs due to a car crash, four-time PGA Champion Tiger Woods s is back in the game.

He’s been practicing here, at The Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa for the last couple days in preparation for this week’s 2022 PGA Championship.. Now, this isn’t his first event back after his injuries. That was at the Masters about a month ago. Of course, he didn’t look like himself pre-imjury at that event. However, heading into this week’s PGA Championship, he is optomistic but realistic about his chances.

“It’s better than the last time I played a tournament, which is good,” says Woods. We’ve been working hard and again, I have days where it’s tough and you know, other days where we can push through it. But we keep working at it. As the months pass, it’s gonna get better.”

At a press conference Tuesday afternoon, Woods was directly asked if he thought that he could win the PGA Championship this year. His simple answer was yes, he can, as long as he plays his own game.

Round one begins on Thursday.