High school athletes across the Four States have made the decision to further their career in sports at the college level. At Neosho High School, several athletes would sign and commit.

The Neosho Athletics program celebrated five Wildcats at the La-Z-Boy End Zone Facility. This signing had a variety of sports.

Eli Zar signed to continue his wrestling career at Maryville University. The two-time state finalist and a state champion.

Eli Zar said, “It’s really big you know I’ve always seen people do this and I was like one day I want that to be me and it finally came true and I know my hard work has finally paid off.

Maelynn Garrett will re right up the road as she signed to Crowder College to play softball. Garrett and her senior class definitely are leaving Neosho softball a better program.

Maelynn Garrett mentioned, “It’s exciting. It’s nervous nerve racking…I don’t know I don’t think it was ever going to actually happen. Like you’re going through high school and even junior high and like travel ball and you don’t think you’re going to be the one signing going to college. Like I remember coming here like my freshman year and watching everyone sign that I was teammates with but never thought that was ever going to be me and so it’s definitely exciting.

Katelynn Mahurin will be attending the University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis for track and field, specifically to compete in the throwing events.

Katelyn Mahurin stated, “This day I have like thought about it my whole career and it’s just been a thing I’ve kind of like worked towards my whole life.”

Both Addy Davidson and Isabel McAfee signed to Kansas Wesleyan for cheer.

Addy Davidson voiced, “Honestly it means a lot because honestly I didn’t think I was going to go to college for cheer. And I think it was a big accomplishment for both of us because we both were like…we’re not doing it. And then we met Tony Schneider and he really like got us in that college…next level. And I think…Cora also really helped us with that next step in our…athletic career.”

Isabel McAfee said, “Isabell McAfee said, “Yes I agree…same I was not going to go to college to cheer and then Tony reached out to me and was like “You should come do it” and I was like “Yeah sounds fun so we went to the Recruitment Day.”