The Carthage Tigers are revving up for a big game on Saturday when they welcome Francis Howell for the Class 5 State Semifinals

Coach Jon Guidie said, “Well I can’t wait to see it. I think everybody’s really excited. A normal home game is pretty fun around here but to have a semi final you know hosting that’s gonna be incredible.”

That’s gonna be the mood on Saturday for the Carthage community. Creating that big playoff State Semis finals atmosphere that could play a factor for the game.

Senior Clay Kinder stated, “Awesome opportunity for us to be able to play at home especially semifinals. I think it’ll be a good atmosphere and we’re just going to treat it like another game.”

Senior Jadason Davis-Maxey voiced, “Well, I hope that they will come on watch. I mean, come support us. You won’t regret it. Our team’s fun to watch. I feel like we have a lot of we have a big bond, as we’re playing here at home for the first time in the state semi finals is huge. So I think that will do good with that home field advantage and our fans, they’re good fans.”

Now Carthage will have lock in on the defensive side of the hall this week and slow down a Francis Howell team that is averaging 50 points a game.

Senior Clay Kinder mentioned, “They have some good running backs that can run the ball really well and then they also have some explosive receivers and I think just shutting that down we’ll be just fine.”…

Senior Jadason Davis-Maxey said, “They’re a really physical team and they kind of have a spread offense but they run the ball a lot so we have to stop the run and then we want to force him to throw the ball, we got some good D lineman like Micah and Landon, Tyler, so we can cover the routes easier.”

But reaching this point of the playoffs it pays dividends to have guys on the team that have been here before and been in situations and games like this and that’s exactly what Carthage has.

Coach Guidie stated, “These are kids. They’re gonna focus on whatever but I think you know with having Hudson and having Luke been in this position before both those kids were on our state championship team they provide some experience and leadership that way.”

Now Carthage will host Francis Howell on Saturday with kickoff set for 1 p.m. so it should be a great game and atmosphere.