After an intimate video of UFC fighter Jeff Molina was posted without his permission on Thursday, the 25-year-old posted a statement on social media Friday revealing he is bisexual.

In his statement, Molina said he preferred to come out on his own terms but stated that he wanted the news to come from him.

Based on his statement, it sounds as if Molina didn’t intend to come out during his mixed martial arts career because he was worried about the response from fans and fellow fighters.

“Not the way I wanted to do this, but the chance to do it when I was ready was taken from me,” Molina wrote on Twitter. “I’ve tried to keep my dating life private from social media. ... [The] thought of my buddies, teammates and people I look up to looking at me different, let alone treating me different, for something I can't control was something I couldn’t fathom. In a sport like this, where a majority of the fans being the homophobic c---s------ they are, I didn’t see myself doing this during this part of my career. I wanted to be known for my skills and what I’ve dedicated the last 11 years of my life to not and not the ‘bi UFC fighter’ that I’m sure would just be translated to ‘gay UFC fighter.’”

Molina ended his Twitter statement by calling out the person who leaked the video without his permission.

“To the awful disturbed person that decided to post this, I hope it was worth it,” Molina wrote. “At the end of the day, I know my character, morals, and who I am as a person. As much as I’m getting hated [and] s----- on, I’m getting an equal amount of support and it means a f— ton.”

Molina, who boasts an 11-2 professional record, hasn’t fought since he was suspended by the Nevada Athletic Commission in December, per MMA Underground, as an investigation looks into whether Molina was involved in betting on a UFC fight.