McAuley Catholic Makes Improvements to the School’s Gyms

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JOPLIN, MO — This summer, McAuley Catholic High School has been making improvements inside the school, including to its gymnasiums.

People at an open house on Sunday got a chance to see the updated gyms. The school put in new championship banners, custom made wall pads, new wall graphics, new scoreboards and fresh paint to the walls. The improvements were made possible thanks to an anonymous donor.

McAuley Catholic Athletic Director Mike Howard said, it was important to make the updates while keeping the school’s faith involved, and he hopes the new improvements will help bring out more school pride.

“You know ever since I’ve started working here, I’ve had a vision about how to make this school look more appealing, and at the same time try to build more school pride and spirit, said Howard.

He added, “You know, before it was just a little pop up banners everywhere. But now we’ve really put our brand, and try to brand it, and make something that is permanent.”

“This is really all for the kids so they can get excited,” Howard continued. “So that they’re excited about playing, and being a part of something, being a part of a team. I really think that this will help improve that.”

The school also plans to tear down the stage in the gym and bring it to the ground level. It is also building a new weight room. That part of the project is set to begin later this month and finish in September

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