Hidden Gem Preview: Parsons at Columbus

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No distractions was the message to players at Columbus practice this week. The undefeated Titans spent the week preparing for their Homecoming game against Parsons. That alone can make it difficult to stay focused.

“We’re going to have all kinds of things going on between floats and everything else,” Columbus head coach Blake Burns said. “Everybody is not showing up to see a coronation. They are showing up to see a football game, and we’ve got to be able to put on a big show.”

“I don’t want that (homecoming) to get in the way of the football game,” quarterback Patrick Cassidy said. “We have to be focused and we got to go out get 6-0.”

If Columbus is to stay unbeaten, attention to detail is a must. Parsons is 2-3 on the season, but features some of the most athletic players in the area, including wide outs Ezekiel Lyons and Dariq Williams.

“We’ve got the best athletes on the edge you’re ever going to find,” Parsons head coach Kurt Friess said. “They’re super to coach. They deserve a winning football season, and we’re going to do everything we can to make sure they have a winning football season.”

“We have a lot of talent,” senior Ezekiel Lyons added. “As long as we stick to assignment football and everybody just does their job our talent and speed and athleticism will come through and we’re very tough to matchup with.”

Burns knows just what kind of team his players are up against.

“They are very athletic kids, they do have a lot of energy to them. We’ve got to bring our own energy, and we just got to match their level and intensity,” Burns said.

For both squads the game is also important as each team hopes to solidify their spot in the playoffs. At 1-1 in district play after week five, the Vikings are in familiar territory.

“We told our kids, we are right where we were last year. We went on and won a regional championship. If we have great practices who knows what can happen,” Friess said.

Kickoff Friday is set for 7 pm.

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