Hidden Gem of the Week: Lockwood at Sarcoxie

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No team wants to start their season out with a loss, but that’s the situation both Sarcoxie and Lockwood find themselves in now.

“Disappointment. Knowing that we could have won that game and it was in our own hands and having four turnovers, it really hurts a lot,” Lockwood Junior Lane Dunlap said.

But both the Bears and Tigers are turning the hurt they may feel, into fuel for their week two match up.

“You know, you come out, you’re mad about the game. Practices are a lot more up tempo and hopefully that converts to Lockwood, so in the first half we can get going,” Sarcoxie senior Lane Baldwin said.

The focus in practice this week, changing the things that lead to losses last week.

“We just have to do a better job about coming out and starting faster,” Sarcoxie head coach Russell Ellis said. “Our tempo at the beginning of practice needs to be better. We’ve got to set the tone at the beginning of the game. We can’t keep starting slow and getting behind the eight ball. “

“The big thing is just cleaning up our stuff,” Lockwood head coach Luke Rader said. “Sarcoxie is a good football team, but right now we’ve got so many things to work on. We need to focus on us and improve our play going into week two.”

This game won’t be just about getting back to 500 on the season, it might end up also having serious ramifications in the Southwest Conference. This will be Sarcoxie’s first conference game of the season. For Lockwood, their second. A win can help keep conference title dreams alive. A loss would mean something else entirely.

“The kids are going to have to be more focused up, you lose this one, you have no chance at the conference title,” Ellis said.

Kickoff is set for 7 p.m. Friday.

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