Over at Pitt State they are hosting a two-day event in partnership with Special Olympics Kansas.

There are over 200 athletes in attendance. The two-day event had adults go today, and tomorrow will be the youth groups.

The athletes participate in different skills stations like shooting, dribbling and passing, as well as competing in 5-on-5 games against other teams.

There were stations all over the arena and volunteers helping out to put on this fun event.

Even some of the Pitt State men’s and women’s basketball players showed out to support and help out.

We caught up with Southeast Regional Director for Special Olympics Kansas, Olivia Lotven, and athlete Ashley Spriggs to get their reaction to the event.

“It’s hard for me to even describe how amazing it is to see our athletes compete. It’s one of those things where you just have to volunteer and come check it out,” said Lotven, “because, it is one of those things where you’re gonna wanna keep coming back, because these athletes are just amazing in every single way”.

“It’s really fun. Lots of friends with the basketball teammates and coaches, family. I feel great with this medal because I made first, I’m happy,” said Spriggs, “They are really having fun with everybody and teammates, they have a great time”.