After earning a big road victory against Fort Hays last Saturday, the Missouri Southern Lions will face one of the biggest games on their schedule this weekend.

That would be the Miners Bowl rivalry against the Pitt State Gorillas.

The Lions will head to Pitt State in Carnie Smith Stadium. MSSU gets a top ten ranked squad in the Gorillas this Saturday and there’s no doubt it will be a challenging game, but the Lions have picked up plenty of momentum coming into this game.

They’ve now won three games in a row defeating Northeastern State, Central Oklahoma and Fort Hays. The last time MSSU won three in a row was in 2013 when they won the first three games of the season.

They now look to make it four in a row for the first time since 2002. The Lions defense will look to slow down the Gorilla offense. MSSU currently has the top passing defense in the MIAA and fifth best overall.

The offense will have their hands full with the second ranked Pitt State defense, but the team knows how they’ll attack Saturday’s game.

Atiba Bradley said, “This is a rivalry that means a lot, but quite honestly, it’s grown into more than that. It’d be selfish for me to make it about me. It’s so big for this program and not just because it’s Pitt State, but because it’s another opportunity to add to the accomplishments that we’ve had so far early in the season.”

Colton Winder stated, “I mean they play really hard and they make a lot of big plays, but if we can limit those big plays and we also play really hard as a defense, I think we can be pretty successful.”

Kenneth Fehrman mentioned, “Their defensive line’s pretty big. They got quick feet, they’re edge rushers are pretty good, they jump in a bear quite often. We haven’t seen that much, so it’s gonna be a challenge, but I really do believe our offensive line can step up and move the line of scrimmage.”