This year will be the playing of the 74th annual Ozark Amateur golf tournament at Schifferdecker Golf Course. The tournament can expect a strong field this weekend as the course looks to be in great shape with the clear weather and beautifully cut grass on each hole.

Schifferdecker head golf professional Daryn Buholt said, “This whole week we’ve had a lot of compliments on how good the course is in. Like normal we got the greens a little quicker than we usually do for regular play, but I think the players enjoy it and we’re looking forward to a good challenge.”

This year the tournament takes place in the 100th year of Schifferdecker Golf Course’s existence. The facility is very excited to be celebrating 100 years while also hosting one of the most prestigious tournaments in the area.

Buholt said, “For something to be around this long and also having an amateur tournament that’s been around for a very long time, it’s a cool event to have every year.”

As I said before, the tournament can expect some top tier amateur players to compete this weekend. It’ll be a battle to win the Ozark Amateur title.

Buholt said, “Yeah if you look through the names, you see a lot of returning champions, so it’s gonna be a great tournament, but it’s also for everybody. You got guys who come out because they play every year that are gonna enjoy the weekend and try to just beat their buddies, so it’s a great tournament.”

The tournament has a specific format where they use the first day to determine your group and then it’s all competition on the second day.

Buholt said, “The tournament is 36 holes, individual stroke play, so you play your own ball. You play the ball down and then after the scores for the first day, you get broken up into flights with players in your category range and then the next day you’re playing against those guys, so it’s still a total of 36 holes, but it’s a lot of fun for everybody.”

The tournament will take place Saturday through Sunday this weekend at Schifferdecker Golf Course.