The 49th Annual Kansas Shrine Bowl game came to an end Saturday Night, in which it concluded a week of giving back to the Shriners Children.

The Kansas Shrine Bowl ended in a 10 to 10 tie, the last a Kansas Shrine Bowl game ended in a tie was July 28th, 2001 where the score was 12 to 12.

The game wasn’t about what team won the game but about raising awareness and funds for Shriners Children’s. The football players, coaches and cheerleaders were humbled by the experience to be apart of something that is bigger than the sport they play.

The Hospital Experience Day kicked off The Kansas Shrine Bowl events on Wednesday and Thursday. This day was for the Shriners patients to share their stories with the football players and cheerleaders. For each patient there was an activity to demonstrate what they struggled with on a daily basis. All the participants learned something new after attending the event.

In all there were 16 Shriners Ambassadors that came to share their story at the Hospital Experience Day, but for most patients they were in their element.

There were other events that included a banquet, fan fest, parade, golf tournament, youth cheer clinic and more.

All proceeds from the game went to benefit a network of 22 Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Next year the Kansas Shrine Bowl is scheduled for July 15th in Hay, Kansas at Fort Hays University.