Pittsburg State Cricket Club looks to grow, build connections through the sport on campus


PITTSBURG, Kan. — When students study abroad, their eyes are opened to new customs and traditions.
But a group of Pittsburg State international students is looking to do the same thing for their American classmates by introducing them to one of their country’s favorite pastimes.

“It’s like you know like Americans play American football,” said Pitt State Cricket Club President Naidu Reddy. “It’s like in India, we play cricket the most and we feel like cricket is the only thing we play all the time.”

Reddy is from India and working towards a masters degree. When he’s hitting the books, he’s playing cricket. It’s where he finds comfort in a place so far from home.

“Starting, I was like so afraid because everything was new,” said Reddy. “You know, like the way of life, everything is like so fast compared to my country.”

Akash Verma said it also provides a sense of community.

“When I came to play cricket, I’m like hey, I can interact with Indian people now,” said Verma.

While it’s helped him and other students from India feel more at home, it’s also help expand the horizons of American students as well.

“When I was in the dorm, my roommate used to come with me and I introduced him to cricket,” said Verma. “He didn’t know very much. He said while watching the first or second game, he said ‘Hey it looks like baseball’.”

Reddy hopes the club will continue to grow in members.

“They start learning and start showing up,” said Reddy. “I think the members of our organization are increasing. I feel like it’s really good now.”

That’s what sports are all about — bringing people from all backgrounds together, united in their love for the game.

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