PITTSBURG, Ks. — The Pitt State men’s basketball program had their high school team camp last week, now the women’s basketball program began the first day of their team camp Wednesday.

The women’s camp is set to go from June 7 to June 9 with over 60 teams, including varsity and junior varsity, in attendance from Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and even Nebraska. Local teams in attendance include Carl Junction, Carthage, Girard, Grove and more.

This camp provides an opportunity for the teams to see what the Pitt State facilities have to offer. Also, during the camp the teams live in the dorms to experience the college life for a couple of days.

Coach Amanda Davied said, “You build those relationships where people are much easier to work with year in and year out just because they know that we really do aim to please, we are going to do everything we can to make this a great experience. So, teams keep coming back, I hope mostly from how hard you know we work to put on such a great camp and let it run smooth when they get here. So yeah, the relationships have been a lot of fun to work with, all the local coaches, and then of course if we do have a recruit that happens to be on campus we can show them around so that’s a big advantage.”

Sydney Holmes says, “It’s so great to give back to these teams that love watching us play and like just giving back to younger athletes. So, I think everyone really enjoys helping out and getting to watch pretty good basketball, so it’s really fun.”

Coach Scott Moore voiced, “We have a handful of girls that do want to play college basketball, so it’s great to get in front of college coaches, play on a college court, play in a college arena since it shoots a lot different. It’s a great experience to kind of get away for a little bit, get a little bit of a peek of what that means to be a college athlete.”