The Gorillas hosted the Lions Saturday afternoon in the Miners Bowl. Pitt State came into the game undefeated with a 4-0 record and Southern had a 3-1 record.

Pitt State would run away with a 38-9 victory over Southern. Chad Dodson had himself a day with 201 yards on 12 of 19 passing and 3 touchdowns. The defense played really well making Southern one dimensional taking them away from the run game.

Coach Brian Wright said, “Yeah really good, to what we’ve been trying to do here. And our guys did a great job of that. You put all three phases together, you take advantage of good special teams and we got a turnover out of the defense to capitalize and then capitalize on the long kick-off return. I just thought all our guys came out really ready to play football today.”

P.J. Sarwinski said, “Coach Wright talks about it all the time, complimentary football, and that’s exactly what we did today. The defense stepped up in the first half, second half. Like he said, we just had a complete game. Offense answered when they needed too. And i feel like we dominated like we needed too. We came out and we dominated.”

Chad Dodson Jr., said, “Credit to the O-line like I said, and C-Lew getting those runs and getting them going early because, that just opens up the pass game. It opens up everything, when you know we’re pretty balanced on offense, and they have to respect the run and kind of sucked them up a little bit and get some throws in behind them.”…

The Gorillas will be at home next Saturday to host the Northwest Missouri Bearcats at Carnie Smith Stadium kickoff at 2:00 pm.

The Lions will also be at home as they will face Lincoln University for their homecoming game at Fred G. Hughes Stadium at 2:00 pm.